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So, today we have published out a one Darts solution demanded by advertisers which beginning to understand that without an ad automation their ad campaigns is not quite right managed. That advertisers not ready to change settings of own ads, but needed in monitorings to ad validation and actions for unlimited ads.

So far, we have called this tool Availability, more details of its work can be found here:

Perhaps it is worth noting why we decided to make such a tool. Firstly, once in 2010 when we did our first automation campaigns, we had one client for which originally wanted to implement a job exactly for such a scheme, but eventually made a tough decision. And secondly, most recently at the very popular forum SearchEngines appeared a couple of similar requests that prompted back to this idea and try it still to implement.

We will be glad to hear your feedback about the tool that you can send to us through Darts support.

April, 2015

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