Auto bid management for Google Ads

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We've added an automated bid management for campaigns on Google search by Google Ads PPC advertising. A similar bid management in Darts has worked for Yandex Direct since opening the project for testing, because before the creation of Darts we developed and tested this algorithm for a long time.

The tool allows advertisers in Darts to not worried about how correctly a bids have been exposed in the search engines, because the bids reviewed and updated every 15 minutes.

By own work the tool is similar to the work of bid strategy "Target search page location" in Google Ads, but different in that. First, get from account also the position of impressions. Secondly, bid to the first page. Third, the increase is not measured as a percentage of the bid, but from our own coefficients. To calculate the coefficients we used more than 8 years of the experience with bids in PPC system Yandex Direct, also a difference in pricing between Yandex Direct and Google Ads.

December, 2015

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