Participation in Darts
The enthusiasm that created this project.

We need people that ready to support the discussions, describe and justify their view point in our
Darts Community about the Internet technologies for business. Opened and friendly. And those who
know well not only the Russian language to translate texts and interfaces, to tell us about the correctness
of certain algorithms for that language. For our part we will try to do everything so that you are doing
this just for fun. And of course, we will always be happy to see those who are ready to offer ideas.

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Particular solutions
If you think it's worth.

We have the knowledge and solutions, maybe we can do something for you.
It can be a personal solution or the solution in this project, so that it helped you and itself.
Any financial support will be great. It is possible that solution that can help you even more,
but better for sure if it helped free.

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