Improvements in October-December

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In addition to the significant changes in Darts that associated with appearance of graphs and connection to Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, LinkedIn or upload from YML-files, we have improved some Darts functions in October-December 2015 to improve a function quality. These improvements do not change the system in many situations, but in some cases that can be vital. Now we will try to write that we not written before:


  • Added the detailed statistics of campaigns and placements, which a single click can display on the graph. Moreover, the page immediately uploading all data, so the expectations are not required for the each on/off buttons with the reasons from statistics. Data updating also takes place every hour.
  • Added the cost statistics and a per user cost from Yandex Direct and Google Ads.
  • Added interpolation to the graphs, as well as added the translation into SVG for a smoother line.

Campaign updates

  • Added synchronization of the campaign statuses to the ad systems because statistics may be the reason to change them. It makes sense not to try to synchronize the campaign statuses by hands.
  • Added synchronization of the campaign settings to Yandex Direct, Google Ads and Bing Ads with each update at least one ad. First, it is helpful if settings have been accidentally changed. Secondly, we assume that you can improve your additional links or change the phone number. And in the third, minuses or targetings we also can improve in our dictionaries over time.


  • Now for each city or region created a separate campaign in the systems. It is not so much an advantage as a lack of the systems themselves. This must be implemented as it just changes the efficiency to 30% by technical means.


  • Added support to Facebook Graph API v2.5.
  • Changed the display of messages for one photo to a more stable format because an issue has not fixed for six months. Perhaps we are finding fault, but by hands you can arrange messages with photos and links are much more ways than the only one with API, as in Facebook as in LinkedIn, whatever they were great.

We believe that it is useful, maybe someone can find out something for themselves. Questions, comments, requests, you can always write in any of our contacts.


December, 2015

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