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Posts campaign allows automatically to publish messages with offers, short news and repetitive messages to the page feeds of companies on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Short news and repetitive messages are published on all enabled systems and can be added to Darts by the link Client messages in Posts or Photos campaign settings, where also you can to specify a link and image.

Currently, for every system in automatic mode will not be published more than 1 post per day, also client offers and repetitive messages are not repeated more than once every 3 weeks. To set the time of automatic update you can choose the hour of updates in campaign settings.

Attention: To post messages with offers automatically on page feeds you need to connect the campaign with client offers. After successful processing the offers in your campaign will be able to specify links for messages with offers.

Attention: To display images in messages on Facebook, you must connect the campaign with photos of the client.

October, 2015Added messages to LinkedIn ›
September, 2015Added publishing news ›
June, 2015Added Posts kind of campaigns ›