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Offers are the products and the services that companies can offer to own customers. Darts uses the company offers to create and update automatically marketing materials and its settings in different systems.

Availabled connections to Darts for offer sources:

  • Automatic sources that received by connection to acounts of marketplaces as Google Shopping (Google Merchant Center) and Yandex.Market.
  • Manually creating offers in Darts.
  • Uploading offers from a file.

You can change the offer source when connecting other accounts with offers in Offers campaign settings. Near the offer source in campaign list is the hour setting, at the beginning of which client offers to the specified source are most relevant for the next 24 hours.

After connecting and uploading offers to Darts, offers will be analyzed and based on offers the campaigns will be created, which can be uploaded to different systems.

Attention: Darts uses to create and maintain the quality of marketing materials only those offers that can be identified by updated Darts dictionaries. Also Darts support regularly checks compliance with offers of Darts clients for the legislation, the order possibility and information from website.

December, 2015Added support for YML-files ›
May, 2015Added Photos kind of campaigns ›
March, 2015Extended the list of complete solutions ›
February, 2015Added interface to place offfers ›