PPC Advertising
Incredibly smart. Right now.


Information about your goods and services are automatically segmented and hits
only to those who need it right now, to necessary position. No longer need to write texts,
update prices, upload images, find keywords and manage bids. Аnd you do not need
to come up with any rules, you can now use what exactly works.

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Creating Campaigns

Darts automatically creates, updates
and will do everything to get you exactly
the result.

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Darts can also updates to represent actual advertising and prices in campaigns created manually.

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Darts automatically adjusts
remarketing campaigns to
improve the result.

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Bid Management

Darts automatically manages bids, where a result depends on the advertisement position.


Social Networks
Very useful. For every business.

Page of your company in social networks automatically filled with photos 
of your goods and services, messages for your customers. You do not need
to monitor a relevance of the information about your company,
get accurate referrals to your site and feedback.

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Goods & Services

Darts gets information about goods & services and allows you to place it on the social networks.

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News & Messages

Darts also allows you to add news and repeated messages to multiple social networks.

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Features for your Business
Complete solutions. Rapid implementation.

Any implementation occurs very quickly if business is transparent and respectful to its customers.
We create rules and algorithms, compile dictionaries, carefully studying the behavior of consumers, 
as well as the personal wishes of our clients. Even if your theme was not in our base,
you can inform us about it.

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