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Availability tool allows to make your existing ads relevant to a file by synchronizing a data from the file to your existing advertising campaigns. The tool can be turned on and set up on the page with client campaigns.


Tool algorithm allows to perform the following tasks:

  1. Pass active ads that have a link in the file.
  2. Activate paused ads that have a link in the file.
  3. Pause active ads that haven't a link in the file.
  4. Update a price in active ads if the file contains a different price.
  5. Generate a notification if there new links.
  6. Use Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yandex Direct.

Attention: The algorithm is designed only to work with existing and active advertising campaigns created previously in the advertising systems and after client verification by support team.


For flexible working with the tool you can perform the following settings:

  1. Set up a data file for sync with advertising campaigns. Read more
  2. Set up a update time for data sinc and campaing updates. Read more
  3. Specify a campaign numbers in advertising systems that you want to update or sync for all campaigns. Read more
  4. Connect and select an account for each system that you want to sync. Read more
  5. Enable or disable each system. Read more


For a secure, stable and quality work with advertising campaigns there are some limits. Please carefully read each setting as well as this information.

  1. Currently is not downloaded from a file more than 10,000 links. All file requirements
  2. Information in links about the protocol, port, GET-parameters, upper case, etc is ignored. Used only in links the page address with folders in lower case on client website.
  3. In Google Ads and Bing Ads our system works at the ad group level, ie can activate, pause and update the ad group as a whole. Links compares only from the first active ad text, and after update only one text will be left.
  4. The tool uses a language settings configured from the first client region, as well as the currency specified on the client to correctly track a price and only identifies the first price mention in the ad text, if there is a space before it and if it is placed in the format: [currency identifier][at least 3 digits row]. For example, the tool will see this text as the price " $130".

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