Getting Started

Getting Started
+ Terms of Use
+ Campaign Management
+ Client Management
+ Advanced

We tried to make the use of the platform as simple as possible so that you had not any problem. However, if you have suddenly an experience problem, try to look at this detailed instruction. Only three steps, each takes less than a minute or can be done in one click.

1. Sign in

Before the signing read carefully the terms of use, to make sure that Darts is right for you. The registration is not required to the signing if you signing with your account. On the other hand, you can use the registration with email, then signing and connect accounts manually.
Learn more about signing ›

2. Describe a client

Describe and check an information about the client company, it must match to the information on your website. If you signing with your account, the company information can be automatically filled. The information that you provide will be sent for review to the Darts support, and after testing (usually does not more than 1 hour) the notification will be sent to your email.
Learn more about client description ›

3. Create or make relevant campaigns

To create campaigns are required offers with goods and services of company. To work with your campaigns you can use the tools. Campaigns that created by Darts are fully updated automatically and only relevant for your goods and services, which you can add from the offer account (Google Merchant Center or Yandex.Market), or add offers manually. Campaigns or tools (Availability) can be turned on by clicking the off link from the right side of its name and setting up to it Settings.
Learn more about campaign management ›

Enjoy Darts!

PS: We believe that any difficulty where you may have any problem are exclusively ours, we will find them and eliminating by any case, but you can speed up this process. Please let us know about it to our support or contacts in any format you require.